Pusat Minda Mesra…FINALLY

Pusat Minda Mesra in RPS Air Banun is finally ready. After literally more than a year, we did it. It’s by no means complete, and is just the first TANGIBLE step, nevertheless it is something to be proud of. It means so many things to BRAINetwork. We had a dream…. that we could change mindsets. We chose a big challenge…. working with the most disadvantaged people , the most marginalised society, the people with the lowest self esteem. We chose to work amongst the youth and children of the Orang Asal in RPS Air Banun. Our premise was that, more than anything else, we had to change MINDSETS. Read more about our project “The FIRST MILE PROJECT” at the BRAINetwork website HERE.

Pusat Minda Mesra is one of five components of the First Mile Project. This is essentially our Playlab in collaboration with Mattel Inc. and is run by the Orang Asal for the Orang Asal. It started TODAY on 1st January 2014

Are we nervous?  YES. Are we worried? YES. There have been a lot of scepticism on this project. We just KNOW it will work. The enthusiasm is there, the support from the Orang Asal community is there. WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK.

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