More on Pusat Minda Mesra

Our banner says it all about our collective hopes

It was a hectic day at Pusat Minda Mesra yesterday in Air Banun. This, by the way, is the FIFTH  of our Pusat Minda Mesra centres. We started off rather tentatively with a small room at the SK Zainab 2 Primary School in late 2012. It worked fine and is sustainable. It is still working well and more importantly is SUSTAINABLE. The school s now looking after the centre. Then we had the SECOND Pusat Minda Mesra at Besut, serving the school children of the surrounding area in Terengganu. It was set up  in 2012 and is also a SUSTAINABLE success. Ownership is now with the Pusat Minda Besut and is no longer being funded by our grant. The THIRD centre is a small project in the Gaza Strip. It is the basis of a PhD study by a BRAINetwork student. Due to obvious curcumstances, we have not visited this centre to verify its SUSTAINABILITY. The FOURTH centre is at Kota Bharu Kelantan, and formed the basis of a Master’s project on Neurcognitive Wellness by our student Gisely Vionalita who now works with UNICEF, Indonesia on similar projects. This centre is currently being run by Tadika HOMALEE, under the auspices of Persatuan Tadika Kelantan [PERASKO].

The difference between these and the Pusat Minda Mesra in Air Banun, is that we are working with a group of people who have verylow self esteem, who feel that they are incapable of doing anything themselves. At BRAINetwork, we thing differently. We feel that, given the opportunity, given the correct mind tools, the empowerment, we can change mindsets and make a success of anything. The Pusat Minda Mesra is a research project in progress. Over the next year, we shall measure the success or otherwise of the concepts and ideas of BRAINetwork in terms of changing mindsets and improving neurocognitive wellness of the entire community. For more pictures, please visit our facebook  HERE

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