Pioneers of PMM

Pusat Minda Mesra at Air Banun officially started its first class on 1st January 2014. Today marks the first week of PMM. What is unique and exciting about this one week was the change that we saw and sensed in the Orang Asal community here. For the first time, they had a project that was initiated by them and run by two local youth, Hadijah and Maryana. The children were with familiar faces, speaking a familiar language and they were having lots of FUN. The target population of PMM were three to four-year old children living in the surrounding areas and there are altogether 12 children who meet the criteria.

There is still some more work to be done. The decorations have not been put up yet and the outside areas need to be paved for safe outdoor activities. The fencing was damaged by elephants and need to be repaired. Nevertheless, it was nice to see that where, previously we were met with indifference, now we were met by eager parents who were willing to help make a success of this project. Hopefully by the end of the month, we can begin the neurocognitive assessments of the children.

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