Brain Computer Interface Workshop

usm-12x4-eeg                                                                                                                                                BRAINetwork had its first workshop of 2014 on 21st January. This is the third EEG workshop where participants were introduced to the complex but exciting world of the Brain Computer Interface. We were very fortunate to have two very good speakers for the workshop. The first speaker was our very own researcher Dr Tsee Leng Choy who is the most recent member of the BRAINetwork Team. Welcome to BRAINetwork Dr Tsee Leng and thank you very much for giving a very comprehensive view of the EEG. You managed to make a complex subject sound very simple and accessible to all of us.

Thanks Fakrul for volunteering to be Bram’s research subject

The other speaker was Dr Bram Van der Laar from University of Twente in the Netherlands. He gave us an exciting view of the Brain Computer Interface and the exciting possibilities in this relatively new research area. Dr Bram also introduced us to the latest EEG innovation: the mobile and wireless EEG. Our postgrad student, Fakrul, volunteered to be the guinea pig and demonstrated the portability and effectiveness of the portable device. This is certainly something that would be very useful to our research project on archery! Now, where can we find the funding for this?

The BRAINetwork Family together with the ANT Neuro team

The afternoon session was a hands-on training session mainly for postgrad students and our technician Wae, who will be working closely with Dr Tsee Leng on EEG/ERP related research. Thanks ANTNeuro , Daniel, Fion and the rest of the team for making this workshop a success. Check out our gallery for more pictures of the event.

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