Neuroeducation Workshop

On 13th March 2014, BRAINetwork held a one day workshop with the USM Regional Centre for Education [RCE]. Due to unforseen circumstances, the workshop was held within our USM campus in Kota Bharu and not in the hotel as planned. Nevertheless, this did not detract from the value of the workshop and everyone found it highly beneficial and very informative.

Prof Munirah Ghazali Director, RCE Penang
Prof Munirah Ghazali
Director, RCE Penang

BRAINetwork is a transdisciplinary research group and this workshop was important because it brought together the neuroscientists and the educationists. It was a successful attempt to break down barriers in terms of our research. We realised that in the end, we were looking at the same issue but from different perspectives. This definitely enriched our understanding of neuroeducation and at the end of the day, we decided on a small research project that would allow us to work together in this very new and very exciting area of neuroscience.

Prof Dr Munirah Ghazali headed the team from USM Penang. She is from the School Of Educational Studies, USM and is currently the Director of the Penang Regional Centre for Expertise [RCE]. Her expertise is in the teaching of Mathematics in schools. As the Director of RCE Penang, Prof Munirah and the rest of the RCE focuses on

  1. Promoting sustainable development training opportunities for schools
  2. Developing an ESD strategy guide for local authorities;
  3. Increasing volunteer opportunities around sustainable development;
  4. Coordinating the compilation of current ESD practices
  5. Cultivating sustainable development competencies in the existing workforce.
EEG at work
EEG is an Objective Measure in Neuroeducational Research

The workshop was not just about discussions around a table. We had sessions of friendly conversations during lunch and tea breaks. There was also  an interactive session where participants were introduced to the various neurocognitive assessment tools that are available in BRINetwork. Participants were very appreciative of the fact that, besides the traditional pen-and-paper cognitive assessment tools, there are other more objective methods that can effectively measure the neurocognitive changes that are so valuable to neuroeducation researchers. Tools like the EEG, CANTAB and Emotiv can now bring in the element of objectivity in terms of neuropsychological assessments.

The RCE objectives are  very much in line with the Neuroeducation Research Projects of BRAINetwork and we are very honoured to have this collaboration with RCE. The one day workshop was the first step in our collaborative research. It was a highly productive workshop and BRAINetwork is following up on the workshop with a research project that takes into account the objectives of RCE as well as BRAINetwork. In the months to come, we will definitely see the positive outcome of this Neuroeducation Workshop.

BRAINetwork would like to thank everyone for their participation and positive support for this workshop.

If you would like to have a quick overview of NEUROEDUCATION, please go to the menu of this blog and click on brainRESEARCH. The drop down menu will direct you to the sub-menu on Neuroeducation where you will find several interesting perspectives on this relatively new concept of Neuroeducation.

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