Hello and Goodbye


Recently, on the 12th of March, we had a farewell party for Wan Azuan ( Wae) who will be leaving us for a new job. The farewell lunch was at Payang Serai. The food was delicious and we hope Wae will leave us with positive memories of his fIrst ever job as a research assistant at BRAINetwork.

Wan Azuan bin Wan Mohamad Juhari joined BRAINetwork as a research assistant in September 2013. We all call him Wae at BRAINetwork. He rapidly became very well integrated into our team and was our resident photographer and technician.  During the eight months at BRAINetwork, Wae not only kept a photographic diary of all BRAINetwork activities, but he was also responsible for the technical aspects of the EEG. In the last few months he was working with Dr Tsee Leng in setting up our EEG lab. Wae is now working as an electrician in Paka, Terengganu. While we do miss his presence, nevertheless we wish him all the best in his new job. Good Luck Wae…. Please don’t forget us at BRAINetwork.


While the lunch at Payang Serai was to say goodbye to Wae, it was also a time for BRAINetwork to say Hello and Welcome to our newest member of the BRAINetwork team: Gerard Dunleavy. We are very certain that Gerard,  an Irishman was the only person in Kota Bharu who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day recently!

Gerard’s MSc thesis was an investigation into the determinants of help seeking intentions for mental disorders among Irish students. Gerard is doing an internship at BRAINetwork, where he will be working with the Orang Asal of RPS Air Banun and the surrounding areas. Specifically he will be evaluating the community sustainability of an indigenous eco-village in the Belum Temenggor Forest Reserve.

Welcome to BRAINetwork Gerard, it’s nice to have you with us!

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