Fakhru’s PhD Proposal

Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Bin Yahaya ( Fakhru) joined BRAINetwork in September 2013. He has a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology from International Islamic University Malaysia. In February 2013, Fakhru obtained his Masters Degree in Biotechnology from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Fakhru is currently a research assistant in BRAINetwork and intends to pursue his PhD in a transdisciplinary research project that utilises his background in biotechnology to explore neuroethical issues surrounding various aspects of neuroscience. In particular, Fakhru will be focusing on the Islamic perspective of neuroethics, something that is relatively novel and definitely of major interest to BRAINetwork. Fakhru is ideally placed to pursue this research as he has a background in biotechnology and a firm grounding in the Islamic perspective as a result of his studies at the International Islamic University.

Fakhru presented his PhD research proposal on the 8th of April in our meeting room. His proposed study is related to Neuroethics: An Islamic Perspective and A Framework Design. Fakhru’s PhD research will be funded by an existing RUC grant where his main supervisor is Prof Dr Zalina Ismail and his co supervisor is Dr Mujahid Bakar from the School of Health Sciences, USM.

Listening to Fakhru's proposal
The BRAINetork Team contributes comments and suggestions to inprove Fakhru’s PhD Proposal
 What is Fakhru’s project about?

Following the presentation of his research proposal, there was a discussion which further refined the research proposal. The research objectives have been further refined and narrowed down during the discussion. However, the original objectives remain relevant and are presented here for those who want to know what Fakhru intends to explore in his research project.

In general, Fakhru will explore the ethics of neuroscience in order to develop an Islamic ethical framework for regulating neuroscientific inquiry and the application of neuroscientific knowledge to human beings. He will explore the neuroscience of Islamic ethics in order to understand the impact of neuroscience on our understanding of Islamic ethical conduct.

Specifically, this research project will aim to achieve the following:
  1. To get a wider and deeper understanding about ethical issues in neuroscience, in term of philosophical, scientific & Islamic perspectives.

    Fakhru and his PhD Proposal
    Fakhru Presents his PhD Proposal
  2. To obtain professional views & consults from experts of related fields regarding the issues & recommendations in handling them.
  3. To develop a framework/ guideline for ethics of neuroscience based on Islamic principles.
  4. To develop a broader and deeper understanding about neuroscience of ethics and its relationship to Islam
  5. To acquire professional views & consults from experts of related fields regarding the issues & recommendations in handling neuroethical issues.
  6. To construct an online database for Islamic Neuroethics.
Good Luck Fakhru. The entire BRAINetwork team is 100% supportive of you.

2 thoughts on “Fakhru’s PhD Proposal

    1. Dear Dr Ali, How nice to hear from you all the way from Iraq. Yes, we would definitely want you to be a part of the project. I have sent you an email regarding this. Thank you. Zalina


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