Our Neurosteroids Workshop

Discussions between BRAINetwork and UiTMEarth-Day-2014BRAINetwork has a collaborative research project with the Neuroscience research group of the Medical Faculty of UiTM headed by Dr Rosfaiizah Siran. Click HERE to see the research activities of this very active group at UiTM. Recently, a collaborative research workshop was held on 20th April to review the current research, consolidate the various research activities and to plan the next steps. The Neurosteroids Research Workshop was also attended by the graduate students who gave presentations of their research projects. Dr Wan Raihana attended the workshop not only as a researcher but also as an Assistant Vice President to the CEO of MTDC. She gave a short overview on how to commercialise our research products.

There are THREE grants supporting these research projects:

  1. The neuroprotective effects of neurosteroids and hypothermia in cultured neuronal cells following oxygen and glucose deprivation injury. Chief Investigator: Dr Rosfaiizah Siran, UiTM. This grant is is awarded under the Research Acculturation Collaborative Effort (RACE) Grant Scheme Of The Ministry Of Education. RM 50 000
  2. Modulation of neurosteroidogenesis as a response to activation of neurocognitive pathways in the rat. Chief Investigator: Prof Dr Zalina Ismail. This grant is awarded under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme of the Ministry of Education. RM 148 000
  3. Neurocognitive Science: Understanding The role of the brain-mind interface in relation to memory and learning. Chief Investigtor: Prof Dr Zalina Ismail. Thisgrant is awarded under the p3NEURO project of the Ministry of Education. RM 700 000

The SEVEN co-researchers involved in this project are

Dr Andrean and Dr Rosfaiizah
Dr Andrean and Dr Rosfaiizah from UiTM
  1. Prof Dr Tan Soo Choon
  2. Dr Andrean Husin
  3. Dr Hasmah Abdullah
  4. Dr Idris Long
  5. Dr Wan Raihana Wan Asim
  6. Dr Yvonee Tee Get Bee
  7. Dr Hermizi Hapidin

There are SIX research projects under the Neurosteroid Research Programme with SIX graduate students

  1. Modulation of Amyglada Glutamatergic Neurotransmission by mGluR5-PKC Epsilon during Alcohol Withdrawal-Induced Anxiety. Graduate Student:Jayakumar Murthy
  2. Effects of sodium arsenite in the modulation of testosterone synthesis by the hypothalmo-pituitary testicular axis and its effects on memory and learning in the rat. Graduate Student:Saima Ashraf
  3. Modulation of neurosteroidogenesis as a response to activation of learning and memory in the hippocampus rat brain. Graduate Student: Asma Ulhusna Shaimi
  4. The molecular mechanisms of tau hyperphosphorylation and DREAM/calsenilin in circadian regulation of hippocampus-dependent memory of REM-sleep deprived rats. Graduate Student: Nurhida Ramli
  5. Dose dependent preconditioning effects of (S)-3,5-dihydroxyphenylglycine preconditioning in acute ischemic stroke rats. Graduate Student: Nik Nasihah
  6. Therapeutic hypothermia for brain injuries. Graduate Student: Nursyazwani


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