BRAINetwork: Mentor to Team Morus Alba

Hi there everyone. This blog is very much alive and we are as active this month as were were in April. In fact, there is a backlog on stuff that happened in April, one of which is the BRAINetwork research collaboration with Zainab Secondary School. As part of its community-research project and in support of creativity, BRAINetwork is mentoring a creativity competition at the school known as the “F1 in Schools, the Formula One Technology Challenge”. This is an engineering and design action-learning project for students, implemented in secondary schools around the world. Each year, student teams progress through a series of regional, state and national finals, with the best teams from each country competing for the F1 in Schools World Champions title.

TEAM MORUS ALBAThe Zainab Secondary School Team of 4 students is known as Team Morus Alba. This is an interesting name, reflective of the team’s creativity. Morus Alba is a flower, well known for it’s rapid plant movement involved in pollen release. The stamens act as catapults, releasing stored elastic energy in just 25 µs. The resulting movement is approximately 560 km/h, over half the speed of sound, making it the fastest known movement in the plant kingdom. Similarly, Team Morus Alba hope to build a concept car that has an aerodynamic design that will ensure that it delivers fast movement, each time and every time. Like them on Facebook at and follow them on twitter at

Team Morus Alba have a HUGE creativity challenge ahead of them and BRAINetwork is certainly proud to be a mentor of this project. Their objective is to design, analyse, test, manufacture and race miniature CO2 powered, balsa wood Formula 1 cars. The challenge is multi-faceted and multidisciplinary. In the process they learn engineering principles such as physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, leadership/teamwork, media skills and project management, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way. Right now, they are preparing for the East Coast Zone competition to be held at the end of next week.

BRAINetwork strongly supports creativity and are proud to be a mentor to Team Morus Alba.


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