The Road to SUKMA XVII 2014

DSC_6436BRAINetwork was awarded a Sports Research Grant in 2012 for the development of a trimodal paradigm that utilises objective neuropsychological, biomechanical and electrophysiological assessment methods as indicators of the success or otherwise of existing techniques to improve mental as well as physical performance in archery.

DSC_6492Archery relies mainly on individual performance and provides an easily controlled set of research parameters. It is a mental sport, requiring high levels of neurocognitive abilities and mental strength specifically in terms of concentration, focus and the ability to perform under stress. However, the mental strength, skills and mindset characteristics of archers are intangible and not objectively quantifiable. Since these characteristics cannot be observed, it is very difficult to know if mental strength training has any actual impact on performance. It is also difficult to develop a mental training method for a sport since mental state is invisible, different in individuals, subjective, and difficult to evaluate in training results.

DSC_6747THE ROAD TO SUKMA XVII 2014, was held in USM Kubang Kerian from 18th to 21st May. It was organised by BRAINetwork and the National Sports Council as a training programme for the Kelantan State Team in preparation for Sukan Malaysia [ SUKMA XVII ]. It was also a research project for our MSc student Ridhuwan, who is assessing the trimodal paradigm in novice as well as expert archers. He carried out various neurocognitive and performance assessments and is now analysing the data in an attempt to correlate the neuropsychological [CANTAB and QNST II], biomechanical [KINOVEA] and electrophysiological [EEG] changes during archery.

BRAINetwork is very proud to be associated with the Kelantan State Archery Team and wish them the best of luck in SUKMA XVII.





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