DSC_3072Funny jokes and laughter are the perfect way to challenge and exercise your mind and have a great fun time. Exercise your brain with these jokes and challenge your intelligence. If you are looking for a tricky and funny mind game to pass your time at home or work, then funny jokes are just perfect for you.My-brain-is-like-the-Bermuda-triangle


Did you know that there are 10 different types of laughter? According to expert Robert Provine, laughter is specifically a social structure, something that connects humans with one another in a profound way. According to his findings, people are 30 percent more likely to laugh in a social setting that warrants it than when alone with humor-inducing media. Read all about   The 10 Different Types of Laughter
 Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.13.08 PM Joke comprehension has been decomposed into surprise registration followed by a coherence stage, involving frameshifting(retrieving a new frame from long-term memory to reinterpret information in working memory). This was examined  by recording event-related brain potentials (ERPs) from adults reading one-line jokes or non-joke controls with equally unexpected endings. Joke and non-joke ERPs differed in several respects depending on participants’ ability to get the joke and contextual constraint. In good joke comprehenders, all jokes elicited a left-lateralized sustained negativity (500–900 ms), indexing frame-shifting, low constraint jokes elicited a frontal positivity (500–900 ms), and high constraint jokes elicited an N400 and later posterior positivity. By contrast, poor joke comprehenders showed only a right frontal negativity (300–700 ms) to jokes. This pattern of effects does not map readily onto a two-stage model of joke comprehension. For a more scientific perspective on jokes, read this interesting paper from Neuroscience Letters HERE


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